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The-new-black-and-blue-dress, the dress is a photograph that became a viral internet sensation on 26 february 2015, when viewers disagreed over whether the dress pictured was coloured black and royal blue, or white and gold. the phenomenon revealed differences in human colour perception, which have been the subject of ongoing scientific investigations into neuroscience and vision science, with a number of papers published .... Is that dress white and gold or blue and black? feb. 27, 2015. our perception of color depends on interpreting the amount of light in a room or scene. when cues about the ambient light are missing ..., white and gold, or blue and black? the debate over the colors of a dress set off a social media conflagration that few were able to resist..

Move over, the dress. it’s time now for the jacket. one year after a simple question tore the internet in two, a new controversy threatens the very existence of mankind: what color is this jacket?, by now, just about everyone who’s paying attention knows the dress is really royal blue and black. a viral debate on social media, which began thursday night, continued friday about whether a .... Is it white and gold or black and blue? was it black and blue or white and gold? people who saw the dress couldn't seem to decide in an epic optical illusion. the buzzfeed article exploded with ..., the actual dress might be black and blue, but ellen has a bone to pick with anyone who thinks it is... including the dress itself..

Not since monica lewinsky was a white house intern has one blue dress been the source of so much consternation. (and yes, it’s blue.) the fact that a single image could polarize the entire ..., wired has even looked at the science behind why people are seeing the dress as gold and white, blue and white, blue and blue or blue and black.. professors have also joined the scientific ...